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You don’t need an excuse for ice cream!

Completely vegan and gluten free, with no milk or cream of any kind, we provide our discerning customers with gelato that is both creamy and delicate. All our ice cream is made purely from scratch using fairtrade and ecological ingredients wherever possible.

How it all began

Sofia Denoux´s passion and love for gelato combined with her dedicated studies into the art of fine ice cream making, shows with every artisan creation that is passed across the counter display. Sofia and Team Moomoo strive to create intensely satisfying, new flavor combinations that are aligned with the customers desires. The result: a first of its kind, best in class, artisan gelato and dessert lines of outstanding quality.

Parties / Birthdays
Having a party? Whether its a confirmation, wedding, anniversary, work event, festival or just a regular annual birthday. Moo Moo Isbar does catering for a variety of events. There’s nothing better than serving our gelato for you guests! We have a mobile ice cream display counter, a mini ice cream display counter.Simply contact us and tell us what you need and we will create the perfect set-up just for you and your guest. No matter how big or small! Our prices start at 1.500 kr.

If you can think it, we can do it!
At MooMoo we can make customized cake or any speciel requests for an icecream flavour, we will be striving to fulfill the request being sent. Contact us for any question or request.

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Hver dag: 11-21

Moo moo isbar
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Telefon 93 10 10 33

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