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About us

Maggio is handmade luxury heels for women who want to feel empowered to express their personality. Handmade craftmandship for generations using only the best materials and expertise to create the perfect shoe. Always quality over quantity. Our heels are made with passion.The designs are colorful and feminin. The ornaments are custom made and specially designed by our founder Marianna.

Maggio is for the woman who want to create her own style and stand out.

The story
Since our founder Marianna Kontogeorgos was very young – her passion has always been high heels. She dreamt of having her own unique fashion brand and was fascinated by the craftsmanship.

“I used to run around at my parents’ friend’s shoe-factory, fascinated and curious. I was always looking at all the shoes and dreaming that one day I would create my own shoe brand”

It has always been about fashion
Marianna Kontogoergos wanted to create a high heel that empowers women and make them feel unique. After years of searching she found the most talented shoe makers in Italy. In today’s world craftmanship and quality matters more than ever. We are passionate about making quality high heels and it takes time to make a shoe by hand.

When a pair of heels are made it’s amazing to see all the personal touches and passion that goes into the shoes. It’s fascinating to see all the pieces that are put together to become a special pair of beautiful heels.”

Often times we produce less than 50 pairs some times less than 10 pairs.

Maggio is affordable luxury heels for women who want to stand out.



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